The Original Hollywood Brown Derby is focused on bringing the enjoyment of
this world-class historic landmark to people all over the country and to seek
out locations where the Hollywood landmark is part of the America's culture
for many years to come.  Below are four reasons for a restaurant in your area:

                         1.  Strong Name Recognition

The Hollywood Brown Derby is part of America's culture.  It has a unique and
glamour years' atmosphere.  The strong brand name recognition is
supported by its licensees for over twenty years.  

                   2.  On-Going Press Worthy Events

The decor and caricatures of famous stars, celebrities, Oscar-winning actors
and actresses make it special and unique.  Frequent updates to the Great
Wall makes them on-going press worthy events.

                                 3.  Picturesque Decor

It is an ideal dining place for hosting lunches and dinners for business,
theatre, film, television and special events.  Entertain your guests or family in
a warm and prestigious setting.  The art collection of Hollywood's greatest
talents is a conversation piece for all ages.  Memories of the glamour years
began here and the careers, romances and big business deals of the movie
capital started at The Hollywood Brown Derby on Vine Street which can now
be replicated in your area.

                                  4.  More Excitement

World-wide advertising and aggressive promotion will bring more restaurant
business to the community and area retail markets.

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